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Lake Michigan is the perfect place to take a charter boat trip. Lake Michigan Charter boats are perfect for Lake Michigan family reunions, and Chicago has some of the best Lake Michigan charter boat trips available. Chicago charter boats are the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan. A Lake Michigan charter boat trip has plenty to offer: food, fun, and loads of entertainment! A charter boat trip on gorgeous Lake Michigan will be one of the most memorable experiences in your life. If you are looking for a place to have that special wedding reception or maybe you just want to have an adventurous sailing excursion, including fishing, dining, and fine entertainment, a Lake Michigan charter boat cruise will not disappoint you. American Yacht Charters is one of the leading charter boat cruise agents in the Chicago area. Whatever your requirements call for, American Yacht Charters can take care of all your needs. We cater proms, weddings, family get togethers and numerous other special events over the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan. Just imagine being able to take that special loved one out on her wedding night and view the gorgeous city of Chicago under a blanket of dazzling lights as the soft, splashing waters of Lake Michigan lap against the side of your charter boat. American Yacht Charters also specializes in Lake Michigan corporate events for you and your employees. We have different yacht sizes depending upon the number of people in your group. Our professional Lake Michigan staff offers some of the best entertainment on your cruise. It does not matter whether you need a small private Lake Michigan yacht or a larger size yacht with all the trimmings of a cruise ship, American Yacht Charters has got you covered. Enjoy the splendor and beauty of Lake Michigan this year with a Chicago charter boat cruise. Our friendly staff is anxiously awaiting your arrival!

Things to Know

There are many reasons to visit the second largest Great Lake, Lake Michigan. Tourists flock to this region every year to go sailing, fishing, and engage in other recreational sports, such as jet skiing. Lake Michigan is also a great place to take a summer trip with the family. There are many Lake Michigancampsites overlooking the lake and beachfront areas that will allow the kids to play in the water as they bask in the warm sun for hours of pleasure. Moreover, Lake Michigan has some of the best fishing in the country. This scenic waterway is filled with salmon, trout, steelhead, perch, and bass, giving fishermen plenty to choose from on the menu. Chicago residents can enjoy the numerous park areas surrounding Lake Michigan, in addition to 18 miles of trails, which run around its perimeter. These trails are perfect for walking, hiking, jogging, biking, or just taking in a breath of fresh air.

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