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Chicago Party Boat Events

American Yacht Charters offers respectable Chicago party boat tours around Lake Michigan for you and your guests. It does not matter, if you are celebrating a wedding, a birthday party, or a corporate holiday bash, American Yacht Charters can take care of all of your Chicago party boat requirements. Lake Michigan is one of the most beautiful places to throw a Chicago boat party, and doing it aboard a Chicago charter boat from American Yacht Charters on Lake Michigan is definitely the way to go! Lake Michigan is home to Chicago’s world famous Navy Pier, and has acres of shoreline that are garnished with soft white sand and breathtaking sand dunes - all viewable from your Chicago party boat. Furthermore, there are gorgeous parks that line the waters around Lake Michigan, and these are perfect for walking, jogging, hiking, or just taking in the lush scenery of the region. We will help you set up a theme to your Chicago party boat event, if you desire, decorating your private Chicago party boat the way you want. Our professional Chicago party boat staff caters to all your needs, and we offer live Chicago party boat entertainment options, along with succulent Chicago party boat food and beverages. You and your Chicago party boat guests can party in glamorous style as American Yacht Charters takes you around Lake Michigan on your Chicago party boat, allowing everyone to see the beautiful skyline of the “Windy City” from all angles. Sip away on fine wine and delicious food under the sun, as your Chicago party boat guests enjoy the privacy of a Chicago boat charter and the cool, refreshing blue waters of Lake Michigan. No strangers, no chaos, and definitely no overcrowding. American Yacht Charters offers charter boats in Chicago that come in different styles, depending upon the size of your group and your specific requirements. It does not matter whether you are looking for a bare Chicago party boat charter or a motor yacht; American Yacht Charters has the right Chicago party boat to suit your needs. Why sit in a dully lit restaurant at night at a birthday party, when the only light you and your guests are receiving are from the burning candles that eventually go “poof” once they are blown out. A private Chicago party boat from American Yacht Charters gives you all the glitz and glamour you deserve, along with excellent lighting, and the gorgeous lights Chicago backdrop that comes alive, when the sun goes down. You and your guests can sail, eat, drink, fish, and explore the scenic sights of Chicago on a charter boat cruise party. We offer all types of charter boat cruises, so what are you waiting on? Parties should always be fun, so come join us on a fantastic voyage of a lifetime and give your guests a time they will never forget!

Chicago Party Boat Events - Why they are the Best Choice

There are numerous places to throw a party, if you live in the Chicago area, but what could be better than having your Chicago party on the waters of Lake Michigan? Hotels are fun, especially if you are a college student, who has been invited to an all out bash with your fraternity or sorority friends. However, hotel rooms can get cramped, and many Chicago locations have restrictions on the number of people you can have in a room, in addition to tired residents in adjacent rooms, who complain to management. Too much noise, drinking, and fun will get you kicked out of a hotel very quickly, especially if you rented a room for the evening and not a large expensive banquet hall in the lobby area. Chicago restaurants can also be problematic, when it comes to having a good time. Many Chicago restaurants will reserve a space for your party, but it is usually hard to rent out the entire place unless you get lucky and are willing to shell out tons of cash to the manager! Moreover, restaurants that host parties usually have other groups of people celebrating their own special occasion. This leads to overcrowding, chaos, and a bewildering feeling of bumping into complete strangers, who are too drunk to stand up. Why go through the stress and hassle of having your party at one of these locals, when you can rent your own private Chicago charter boat and sail upon the waters of Lake Michigan in style?

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